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alright here’s the question does your belly hang go bring your clothing they’re not in their head are you so bloated then it looks like a balloon are you tired solutions that never really work you know what that ends today the four ladies behind me represent women just like you they are desperate the blaster belly fat and they’re ready to say goodbye to it forever what if you could do this first stop is Loretta Thank You Loretta for being here so you’re kind enough to share your picture with us so stand right back here and this is the image that you’re willing to send us yeah so when you look at the image what do you feel um I feel sad I am disbelief kind of when I saw it I never really knew I look like that cuz I guess I don’t look in the mirror that often from the head down and it was um oh what’s that well you know what a lot of us are doing what we think about the right things and we just need a little bit of a crush a little bit of an edge and from what I’m hearing from your story which I hear a lot it’s because your metabolism is slowing down and we know that happens for a lot of very normal reasons but they’re things that we can actually do to boost your metabolism take a look at your belly mm-hmm today was the last day that you could look on that belly what would you say to it I would say goodbye good riddance I’m tired of trying to lose it and finding it again I’m just ready for it to be gone I’ve tried a lot of diet exercising it just hasn’t worked or I haven’t been able to sustain it so I need some help if you can give me some suggestions or come to my house to and I’m serious but I wanna help you that’s why we’re doing the show today up I know you’re doing the things you want to do like so many folks and you’re struggling with it but the things we can do to put you back where you need to be and one of the big issues you’re describing to me cuz you’re doing the exercises right yeah is that you’re having two old burning fat mm-hmm that right yes come on over here can my belly biasing supplement the burn fat is called forskolin forskolin forskolin is found in the root of an herbal plant that’s an immense family it’s been used for thousands of years to treat heart trouble but a new benefit to forskolin is its ability to help your body burn fat researchers believe this ancient ingredient triggers a cascade of reactions that cost fat cells to melt away so if you’re looking to get rid of the fact forskolin could be for you an actual furnace in your cells and by heating up that area in cells you literally are burning more fat so by burning the fat from the inside out you are targeting what you don’t want to have the fat stores not the muscle you have to keep building think about that hey I’m willing to try anything to lose this bet it has to be gone yes if you set your mind to it you set your mind to it and you do the things you’ve been doing with a little crush from the show today you’ll get there thank you thank you so much appreciate [Applause]



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